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Wilderness Safety Consultants (WSC) was formed in the summer of 1994 by Russ Miller, a long time swiftwater guide, outdoor rescue instructor, caver, and Paramedic. He was the risk management director for the 1996 Ocoee Whitewater Olympic games. In 1995 he received the Higgins and Langley Special Commendation Award in Swiftwater Rescue for contributions to the field of swiftwater rescue. This award was presented by the National Association of Search and Rescue. Russ is the past EMS Program Director for Cleveland State Community College and has been involved in all aspects of EMS education for many years. He is an active caver and diver and has been doing both forms of rescue and recovery for over 30 years.
At WSC our philosophy is to offer current National Standard Classes and Adventures that are affordable for the individual and companies.
In the summer of 2000 WSC was joined by Donna Robinson, MSN, FNP, EMT-IV. She is the Assistant Director and is involved in all aspects of our program development and training. Donna brings a wonderful mix of knowledge and professionalism to WSC.
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